How to know if you have the qualities of a leader to motivate your team

It is one thing to be an expert on a subject and another to be the leader in it. No matter how successful you’ve become in your area, it doesn’t mean you’re ready to pass on your knowledge to everyone. If you think you know a lot about your profession and that you can motivate others, you need to first consider what you need to know and do to teach people and make them feel motivated.

Not everyone has what it takes to be an example of motivation, especially when it comes to communicating empathetically and knowing how to lead people to their best.

If you want to start giving motivational talks, start by cultivating these characteristics:


A motivational leader must know how to control himself, that is, not to let his emotions be felt, nor to let himself be carried away by them. The truth is that as a public speaker, your audience can read you very easily, so if you are nervous, anxious, stressed, nervous, excited, etc., you will be noticed and your speech or presentation loses the impact it should generate. It is also a good characteristic to be calmer in general, because being a motivational leader can be very demanding in some occasions.


What becomes of a leader if he does not have confidence in his abilities? Nothing. That’s why it’s fundamental that you have confidence in yourself and in what you do, in this way, your clients and your audience will see that if you can maintain motivation in spite of everything. No one is going to believe your motivational speech if you don’t notice that you believe it yourself. In the long run, courage and trust will be shattered at times, but it’s your job as a motivational leader to know how to get up and help others do it too.


Many of the people who need some motivation need it because they lack the ability to take risks, and above all, important decisions in their lives. To be a motivational leader you have to have the ability to make decisions, but also be able to transmit enough knowledge and skills so that others are also able to make decisions for themselves.


Like decision making, planning is a very important characteristic for a motivational leader, because the success of his or her career depends on it. Similarly, if you know how to plan, you know what it takes to do it and you can help your clients do it for their future. The problem with leaders who do not plan well is that in the end, their advice does not go as expected, or the client falls apart along the way. So when you plan for yourself and your client, you know how to move forward even if problems and obstacles arise.


A motivational leader has to be able to understand the weaknesses and abilities of his clients, because only then can he really advise and guide them to find a way to move forward both professionally and personally. It is also important to be generous and relate well to everyone because you have to like your audience and know how to make friends.


First of all, a leader must be honest, both about himself and with others, as with the problems they will find, or their weaknesses. As a motivator, you have to learn to tell the truth in a way that doesn’t make your audience feel bad but makes them realize their mistakes, and what they can improve to be more successful in all aspects of their lives.

If you think leadership and motivation are your things, then take these characteristics into account. It may be time to change and take action to become the leader you so much dream of being. Don’t forget that others will put their lives and achievements in your hands, so you must always work to be a better person and show them that you can be successful.

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