How to tidy up the house: the routine that will shake Marie Kondo

One of the things that make us comfortable in our home, feeling relaxed, stress-free and also happier, is to have our house clean and collected. However, achieving it is not easy for everyone. The success of the YouTuber Marie Kondo and her series on Netflix has put order and cleaning at home in fashion, so we give you some tips so that it is not necessary to resort to it and you can enjoy your house with little sacrifice.

Leading a busy life and not having a good cleaning and organization routine can make our house real chaos. To combat this problem we can follow a series of routines and tips that will make our home a cozy and pleasant place.

Divide and conquer

You cannot order the house without first establishing guidelines on how you are going to do it. To do this, we recommend defining what you are going to start with and where you are going to continue. The first step is to organize, for this, you must establish categories of all the items to order.

Avoid sorting by rooms, it is best to categorize by elements, since this way we can unify everything we have scattered throughout all the rooms and achieve a more precise order. For example, we dedicate the first day to ordering clothes, the second day to order the books, the third day to order food, the fourth day the papers, etc. In the jungle. The Catalan did not like a hair that Mejide spoke in an ironic tone of the Supreme’s ruling and the presenter responded.

Write down the categories you define and the order in which you are going to work in your organization within the home in a notebook. The usual thing is to start with those categories that give us less work, since we will see results soon and it will motivate us to continue with the next category, so that when we reach the most complex, the fact of having finished the previous categories will give us that push we need to finish successfully.

Throw away what you don’t need

Sometimes we have in our house a lot of things that we do not use or that we no longer need, it is even common to find things that are not even used because they no longer work. We tend to store a lot of “junk” that takes away space to store really important things.

Whenever we are going to order something we must put everything on a table and divide it into three groups: a group for what we are going to discard, another group for what we are going to keep and a third group for what we have to doubt about whether to keep or no.

Immediately after establishing the three groups we will get rid of what we discard and give the group a second review of the things we doubt whether to stay or not, staying with what we want.

Do not spend more than a week to tidy up your house

When we decide to tidy up our house, we must do it in the shortest possible time, since the chances of success will be greater because we will be more motivated throughout the process. If, on the contrary, we order a part today and leave the rest for several days, this may cause us to delay the task until we even complete it.

All out

You should be aware that the days you are tidying up your house, it will be much more chaotic than before and it will not be really perfect until you finish.

The justification for this to happen is that to order each of the categories that were established in the first step, we must empty the cabinets, as well as the drawers where they are going to be stored and cleaned in depth.

We must avoid leaving things in the drawers or in the cabinets when we are ordering since they will not favor that we store things in a really satisfactory way.

Custom furniture: order allies

Having a house with custom furniture will help us to take better advantage of every corner of the house. Taking advantage of a corner to put a shelf or a shelf will provide us with more storage space. However, we must be careful not to overload the spaces because they do not help us get rid of stress and will not help us to maintain order and cleanliness later. It is much more complicated to clean a shelf full of things than one that is not, right ?.

It is possible to make the most of the space, without loading it, you just have to give it a little imagination and if we are not able to get it alone, we can always count on the help of a professional decorator.

Use compartments

It is not enough to have a space in which to store things, to have them well organized it is necessary to use compartments that help that no element is mixed with another one.

The fact of using compartments will not only give us a more pleasant visual image but will also help us to locate things more quickly when we look for them.

How to maintain order

Once we have tidied our house, the work ahead is maintenance. It is useless all the effort made to organize the house if after three days everything will be upside down again. We must create a routine of maintaining order:

  • The basic rule: always throw away what you don’t need.
  • Create a routine of order and cleaning every morning: for this you have to spend some time ventilating the house, making the bed and picking up the kitchen table, among others. Everything you do in the morning will help make the rest of the day’s tasks much more bearable. Also, if you keep up the routine every time it will cost you less work to perform these simple tasks.
  • In the same way that we create a routine in the morning, it is advisable that we create another one at night where we will leave all that we can collect, take out the garbage and prepare the clothes for the next day, as well as the things we need to take to work.
  • Choose one day a week to clean the house in greater depth, it is a good idea to choose a day when there are more family members at home and so everyone can collaborate. For example, Saturdays can be dedicated to cleaning where each member takes care of specific house space and in less time than imagined, we will have the perfect house.
  • Keep everything in the right place. Whenever you use something, return it to its place when you are finished.

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