Why microinfluencers are your best allies in digital marketing

The advantage of using a micro influencer is that since they have a much smaller number of followers, their advertising costs are much lower than those of someone who has 500,000 followers. It is evident that social networks have changed the way digital marketing is carried out by its ease of reaching so many people. And for that same ease, many people have become famous because of their publications, their charisma and their way of being. These people are known in the digital world as influencers.

Why micro-influencers are your best allies in digital marketing

But what’s his relationship with your brand? It can be a very big one if you know how to use them. Learn in this article why you should start looking for influencers to position your digital brand. As Sara Blakely said, “Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That may be your greatest strength and what will ensure that you do things that are different from others” (source: Gananci).

What are microinfluencers?

They are those people who have some recognition on social networks and who are followed by a moderate number of people. Their followers tend to be around 10 thousand. Normally they tend to upload publications of their lives and activities in general, although you also find those that have a definite theme.

The basic difference between these influencers and the others is the number of followers. There are the influencers who have up to 500,000 followers, and the celebrities, who have millions of followers. Although their community is much larger, their sponsored publications tend to have less engagement.

Imagine an online store that sells Hot Wheels of those toy ones. For this type of business, it may be interesting to promote a video of a Youtuber who does nothing but talk about these miniature cars on his channel. It still doesn’t have many followers but they precisely fit the target audience that sells that particular store.

Why are microinfluencers useful in my digital marketing strategy?
The strategy of brands to advertise through influencers has been around a lot in recent years. However, for small or medium-sized companies, this investment represents a fairly large number and often cannot be paid for.

The advantage of using a microinfluencer is that as they have a much smaller number of followers, their advertising costs are much lower than those of someone who has 500,000 followers. According to several studies, sponsored publications generate more likes in microinfluencers than in celebrities.

Advertising will be more natural and they will be able to take the time to test your product, know your brand and give a sincere opinion, different from what other people can do for lack of time or because they are overloaded with brands to advertise.

Besides that advertising is still quite effective if you know how to choose the micro-influencer. Which leads us to…

What is the ideal micro-influencer for my brand?

Choose someone whose content is related to your product or service. There is no point in choosing the best micro-influencer on Instagram if your subject is health and your brand is self-help books, for example. You will only get to waste your money. There is no better or worse micro-influencer, but the one that goes according to what you need.

That’s why always contact someone who has a similar topic to yours and an audience that might be interested in your product. Do you have a customer that has a decent number of followers? You can contact them and ask them to advertise your brand, in exchange for a small payment or one of your products, they will probably do it willingly and it will be a good move because they know your product first hand, use it constantly and like it.

Also, look at the number of publications you do a week or a day because it is important to be consistent. I also have many likes, comments and respond to them. Have you made collaborations with other brands? Assess how receptive the followers were.

You can do this several micro-influencers because you will reach many more people and different circles. In addition, the investment will continue to be economical. You can start with a couple of people and, depending on the results, you go with two others and so on.

What to do when you come into contact with a micro-influencer?

Since they probably won’t have much experience doing sponsored publications, it’s best to tell them what you expect from them and how you want the publication to be, as well as telling them directly what you offer in return. They’ll be more than willing to work with you, so be friendly.

And that’s it! It’s really easy to include micro-influencers in your digital marketing strategy, and best of all: it’s effective and cheap. Of course, you shouldn’t relegate in them all the weight of your brand, so also put into practice these effective tactics to position your business on the Internet.

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